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Job Description

Job Title: Warehouse Operative

Line Manager: Transport / Dispatch Manager

Location: Unit 10A

Objectives: To carry out all tasks to the very best of your ability working in accordance with the company health and safety policies at all times.

General Duties:
• Unloading supplier vehicles
• Picking customer orders
• Loading LMP vehicles
• Maintaining storage facilities on site.

Skills Requires:
• Have a Professional approach to your job and work colleagues at all times.
• Ability to work alone or in a team efficiently and effectively.
• Being able to multi task at times.
• Have an up to date Forklift license and trained up on the safe use of the talon grab.
• Have a flexible approach on a day to day basis and being able to prioritize the workload.

Unloading Supplier Vehicles

• Forklifts should be driven at the correct speed and used in accordance with your training at all times.
• Any vehicles that are to be loaded or un-loaded must be dealt with in accordance with the health and safety policy of the company this includes the safe use of the mesh talon grab. Regarding goods inwards before unloading the vehicle, the goods being delivered should be checked and matched against the supplier documentation to ensure the delivery is for LMP.
• A visual check of the goods should be carried out prior to offloading and any visible damage should be reported to your line manager before offloading commences. If in doubt ask for assistance to ensure we only receive goods that we have ordered.
• Once goods have been offloaded they must be stored in the correct location in the appropriate manner to await inspection or to be stored away.
If in doubt ask.

Picking Customer Orders

• Forklifts should be driven at the correct speed and used in accordance with your training at all times.
• Due care and attention should be taken at all times when picking customer orders to ensure the correct product is picked and the correct amount has been picked. If in doubt ask.
• Once an order has been picked please ensure the paperwork is signed and dated before returning the paperwork to the transport office.
• Again, if you are unsure about a product or the paperwork please refer back to line manager for clarity and guidance.

Loading LMP Vehicles.

• Forklifts should be driven at the correct speed and used in accordance with your training at all times.
• Care and attention must be taken at all times when loading LMP vehicles.
• Always ensure the driver is in attendance when loading to ensure he or she are happy with how you are loading the vehicle.
• Always load in accordance with the company's health and safety procedures.
• Pay attention to the paperwork and ensure the load is checked once the vehicle has been loaded and ensure driver has fully understood the load and who he or she is delivering to.

Maintaining storage facilities on site.

• To maintain Unit 10A and associated storage yards to a very high standard at all times.
• Fire exits and aisles to be clear at all times.
• All redundant packaging to be cleared away in the appropriate manner.
• Yards and storage areas to be swept regularly.
• To store products in the appropriate way maximizing space and minimizing damage.
• Ensuring products are clearly labelled for ease of picking.