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Workshop Assistant (Part Time)

£8.50 per hour
Flexible Hours Part Time 16-25hrs

Job Description

General Purpose
Perform a wide range of workshop maintenance activities for the department and/or managers and supervisors.
Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities
* Tidy and clean workshop and communal areas.
* Safe removal of waste.
* Ensure tools are stored correctly and any damages/replenishment requirements are reported.
* Clean and maintain equipment & tooling completing maintenance logs as appropriate.
* Test, monitor and replenish the coolant fluids for correct dilution and safe bacteria levels. Complete monitoring documentation (COSHH).
* Assisting Machinists with finishing operations. Conduct processes as required and directed by the line manager and drawing instruction.
* Use suitable measuring equipment to establish correct fit and tolerance to drawing, specification and instruction. Complete Inspection procedure and documentation.
* Follow Health & Safety procedures (including wearing necessary Person Protective Equipment) to ensure safe working practices for self and for others.
In addition, all employees must adhere to the policies and procedures in the Staff Handbook.
Education and Experience
* Ability to maintain tools and equipment to perform their functions safely and efficiently
* Knowledge and experience of machining processes and application
* Knowledge and understanding of technical drawings
* Knowledge and experience of inspection procedures and processes
* Knowledge of principles and practices of the workshop including house-keeping, manual handling and portable tool use

Key Competencies
* Communication skills - written and verbal
* Planning and organising
* Prioritising and assessment skills
* Problem solving skills
* Attention to detail and accuracy
* Flexibility
* Adaptability
* Teamwork

Workshop Assistant Job Description