Job Description

Structural Steelwork Design Engineer
West Midlands based
c. 40-45K
Candidate description
We are seeking an experienced structural steelwork designer/CAD engineer,
familiar with a variety of structures including steel buildings, platforms,
mezzanine floors, stairs, walkways etc.
Experience and practical knowledge are much more important than qualifications
and the ideal candidate will have 20+ years working in structural steelwork and
miscellaneous metalwork, must be comfortable and confident with simple
member and connection design.
Would ideally have experience of TEKLA Design/CAD products but more
important to be capable of simple calculations and explaining/producing sketches
and notes to communicate ideas
We would like a candidate who can solve problems and visualise designs from a
variety of different perspectives and suggest alternative solutions. Must be
capable and willing to share and communicate ideas with staff, customers and
other engineers
The position would be ideal for an experienced engineer who would like to share
their knowledge and collaborate with others
As stated previously attitude and experience are much more important than